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The current White Tops cover features the Zerbini Family Circus on the lot and ready for business

The White Tops is the official magazine of the Circus Fans Association of America, better known as the CFA. White Tops began as a newsletter in May, 1927 and is now a full color magazine that comes with your CFA membership six times a year. Click on the magazine cover at the left to look through an issue. (The PDF of the magazine is 11.4 MB, therefore, it might take a little while to download.) You get the latest, full color, printed issue when you join CFA. And you can join right now for just $45.00 for 12 months with 6 issues of White Tops in your mail box.

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The July/August 2018 Table of Contents lists 68 pages of circus happenings including the Lewis & Clarke Circus, the Zerbini Family Circus, Carson & Barnes, the Main v. King feud and Paul's Pages.
Featured is the story of how science is being twisted to ban animals in circuses. Learn so you can educate others.

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