The White Tops accepts advertising from the circus world and from CFA members. Click at the right for some samples of ads. Members enjoy a reduced rate because their membership dues help pay for the publication of The White Tops 6 times a year.

Note: The White Tops Editors reserve the right to accept or reject all advertising, news or stories based on its technical quality and content. We will do all we possibly can to help anyone not meeting the standards but we will not bend the standards to meet sub-quality material.

Send ads or news to our website

A website for submission of news, articles, and advertising to The White Tops is in operation. Unlike email, there is no limit to the size of the file or the number of items you can send.

Hint: combine all your files into a ZIP or Stuffit archive and then send just one file to the website.

You can submit your stories and pictures by email and email attachments but if you find they get rejected as being too big or if the mailbox is full (one picture can fill it up), here is the better way:

First contact the editors at to secure a password. Then

Go to
Enter the user name
Enter the password
Enter your name (so we know who to credit)
Enter your email (so we can acknowledge your submission)
Enter your initials (so we can identify all the parts you send)
Select the publication (White Tops)
Press the “Browse button” and use the navigation window to find and select the file you want to send on your computer.
Enter any comments or the caption to be used with a photo.
Press the “Submit” button.

You will get a confirmation at the top of the screen when the file is done being transferred. Time to upload will depend on the file size and the speed of your Internet connection. You may then send more material. There is no limit to the size of the pictures, ads or stories, so send lots.

When the file is moved to our computers and verified, you will receive an email that we can read it.

If you would like to try out the site, send a file and mark it “TEST.” What the heck, go ahead and send a picture of the last circus you saw. That’s more fun.

PDF files for color printing

Color printing a publication like The White Tops is neither simple nor uncomplicated. There are many specifications to be understood and followed. The editors shield you from most of this...but some things we just cannot. Example: PDF files.

They are great to interchange material. But they contain no information on how they were made. So we can’t verify if they will print correctly. So here are the rules if you send us PDF files containing color anything:

All files must be in CMYK including pictures, graphics, and text before the PDF file is made.
All color management must be turned off when writing the PDF file.
Don’t use Adobe Acrobat to convert RGB files to CMYK. It will do a bad job.
Save the file in Press Quality resolution. Screen or Print quality will not be good enough.

If the above sounds like Greek, then send us the parts and we’ll put it together whether it is a story or an ad.

We also accept paper or “camera ready". Send it to: White Tops; 40 Winthrop Road; Columbus, OH 43214-3929.

Physical specifications

Horizontal - Vertical
Full page
7.75 x 10.00 inches
8.50 x 11.00 inches
With no bleed
Full bleed*
Half page
3.75 x 10.00 inches
7.75 x 4.85 inches
Quarter page
3.75 x 4.85 inches
4.85 x 3.75 inches
1 column inch
on 3 column page
2.40 inch column
1 column inch
on 2 column page
3.75 inch column

*Allow 0.125 inches for bleed on top, bottom, and outside edge. Bleeds are available on smaller ads depending on page placement.

Photograph preparation

Please prepare photographs with the following specification if submitted in a layout or PDF file:

White point: 235 (out of 255)
Black point: 15 (out of 255)
10% dot gain in mid range
Resolution of 300 DPI or greater
Color pictures, type, and graphics converted to CMYK format

We use ColorSync curves and calibrated monitors to set color.